Farewell to our Founder, Leader, & Friend

Ranch Members,

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Dr. David Meyer Saturday night, August 17th, 2019.

As a world-renowned eye surgeon and businessman, Dr. Meyer touched the lives of many people throughout his prolific career. From the early days of the cattle ranch, Spring Creek Ranch Golf Club, the Vitreo Retinal Foundation, and the Meyer Eye Group, he had genuine care and concern for all of his work family. On behalf of the current and former staff members, we are very thankful for the opportunity to share his vision for an outstanding golf club. 

Dr. Meyer believed greatly that some of the most enjoyable experiences were those shared in nature. As you play Spring Creek Ranch, there are constant reminders of his attention to detail and synergy of a championship-caliber golf course set in a peaceful natural environment. 

Our hearts go out to Lynn, Elizabeth, Margaret, Robb, and Dylan as well as the extended Meyer family. We are currently making arrangements for a memorial service Sunday and will keep you posted on these details as they become available. 

In lieu of flowers, the Meyer Family has requested that donations be made to the Southern Poverty Law Center. 

The Ranch Team

Agronomy Update 8/19

Good Afternoon and Welcome to Agronomy updates.

With the rules change in Golf, damaged putting cups have been an issue throughout the course this year.  Our team works hard to replace old cups by matching grain, topdressing with a very fine sand to prevent mower scalping, and watering with a nitrogen rich fertilizer to promote recovery.  We have found that removing the flag before retrieving the ball will reduce the amount of damage we see to our cups. 

Aerification Week: July 29th-August 1st

Aerification Key Benefits

  •  Alleviate compaction from foot traffic, machinery, and routine maintenance

  • Increased oxygen to the root system

  • Increased rooting depth and overall plant health.  

  • Remove Thatch, Reduce grain and the buildup of organic matter


  • 5/8’’ Coring Tines removed plugs from the putting surfaces

  • Debris and thatch removed, and holes filled with sand

  • Sand/Ceramic injection to a depth of 9’’ using the Dryject process

  • Vertical mowing 2 directions to work in sand and remove thatch

  • Fertility application to promote a fast recovery and optimal plant health

  • Roughly 63 tons (126,000 pounds) of sand and ceramics went into our putting surfaces

  • Mowing heights were raised post aerification and lowered incrementally between August 5th-12th.  Speeds will continue to increase as the excess fertility is used by the plant and growth regulator applications are increased.  

Fairways & Tees

  • ¾'’ holes were punched to a depth of 4’’

  • Vertical mowing to a depth of ½'’, all thatch and debris removed from course


  • Bunkers

    • 6 out of the 12 bunkers have been completed.  These include bunkers on holes 13,14, and 18.

  • Native Areas

    • Herbicide applications to these areas have reduced the number of woody plants and broadleaf weeds.  One more application will be made this fall and all native areas cut to promote new growth and increase the density of the natural grasses. 

  • Aquatics

    • The aquatic vegetation covering the pond by #9 Green was removed using a large excavator and hauled off the property. 

    • Other ponds/bodies of water will continue to be treated to reduce the amount of vegetation/ increase the amount of visible water.  This process will take several years to achieve completion.  

  • Cart Path

    • Damaged areas of cart path have been repaired throughout the course including holes #3, #4, #7, and #8.  These areas tend to be where there is an underlying soil issue or excessive tree roots.