Wednesday Lunch Station

We've got two fantastic lunch options today. If you're looking to grab a quick meal before your round, the grill has delicious burgers, chicken and hot dogs.

Looking for something different?  We've got a live pasta station also!

06-28 Conditions


Today we are mowing greens, topdressing greens, rolling greens, mowing rough, refreshing coolers, raking bunkers, and moving to Hole Location Guide #2. Carts are OFF the paths

Tuesday Grill Station

Along with our expanded Grab-n-Go, we have the live grill station with burgers, chicken and hot dogs. We've got special sides that include a salad bar, crinkle fries, baked ziti and chocolate coffee cobbler. 

Saturday Grill Station

The grill is hot on the patio with an array of selections, including burgers, chicken and hot dogs. The sides include some unbelievable fried green beans, chicken tender bake, sweet potato fries and a salad bar.