Agronomy Weekly

Good Afternoon,

Yesterday we were able to double cut greens. This was done at a height of .142". We removed a ton of grass from them. The excessive growth is happening due to the warm rainfall last week and a 5-5-5 application. This is all a good thing. We want the greens to grow. This means one they are alive and two that they will completely break dormancy soon. It is still to early to make growth regulator applications to slow the growth. As stated before we want growth at this stage. As of today we are using a John Deere mower that has a brush attachment on it. This brush stands up the grass before it is cut. During this period the grass does not all grow at the same rate. The brush aids in getting a better more uniform cut. We will follow this with a topdressing today. The sand will need to sit for a while this morning to dry on the canopy. If we try and brush or roll it immediately it will only cause issues for later in the day. We also are applying a fungicide (Tartan) to the greens today. This is a preventative fungicide for the soil disease Fairy Ring. These are the large green circles you see in our fairways from time to time. Being this product is a soil borne pathogen it is necessary for us to water it in. We are fully aware of the 12.5 inches of rainfall last week but unfortunately we still have to water it in.

We are continuing to work on the renovation of several bunkers. Better Billy Bunker will be here the last week of March to apply the polymer to the gravel. We will then begin re sanding the bunkers for play. As of now there are 3 bunkers that are being renovated. By the end of next week our staff will have prepped at least 2 more. I will inform everyone on which bunkers are being done at that point.

Best wishes,

Scott J. Newman Golf Course Superintendent

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