Agronomy Weekly

Good Morning,

The beginning of the week looks like it will be nice, however we do have some rain fall moving in on Wednesday and Thursday.  We were able to get several things accomplished yesterday while we were closed.  As you make your way around the course you will notice a big difference on number 2.  I had some tree work done that opened up sunlight on the hillside by the fairway bunker.  He also removed some lower limbs on the left side that will allow for a easier second shot when on that side of the fairway.   We also added an Oak tree to the right on 12 green.  This was a replacement to the older sweat gum that was removed last year.  We were able to move through the course re grassing some high traffic areas that were damaged this winter.  These area will remain roped off for some time to allow for proper rooting.

As we moved through the renovation of several bunkers we ran into a few slight set backs at the practice area.  Over the course of 7 years, there was a massive accumulation of sand on the face between the bunker and the green.  Before I could allow the BBB team to spray the gravel we had to remove over 2 foot of material.  You will notice a huge difference in this area.  As a result of it being unseen we were not able to spray the polymer in this bunker.  The BBB guys will be here on Friday again to do some quality control to the other bunkers that were sprayed.  At this time they will apply the polymer to this bunker.  Once we get cleared from them, we will begin adding sand and prepping those bunkers as usual.

The greens this week have been sprayed with a fungicide that is preventative for stressful diseases.  We will continue to mow at the same height as night time temperatures do not suggest we lower at this time.  We continue to monitor the weather as well as the health of the greens in moving forward.  There will be no topdressing done this week as the greens will not take it due to a lack of growth.  We hope to topdress next Monday if we feel warranted.

We are mowing teeing grounds this morning.  Many of the tees and greens surrounds have been fertilized with polyon.  This is a temperature released fertilizer that is controlled.  This will provide slow growth over a 16 week period.  We do plan in re grassing the Carson tee on number one next Monday.  This will effect play briefly as we allow it to grow in properly.

I hope you all have a great week and as usual feel free to contact me with any questions.

Best wishes,

Scott J. Newman Golf Course Superintendent

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