Agronomy Weekly

October has almost come and gone.  We have seen some great fall weather so far and were lucky enough to receive a decent rain shower this past Friday.  The course responded well as it was much needed as it prepares for dormancy.

Soon we will encounter some really cool temperatures that will completely shut down the growing habits of the grass.  In fact, the forecast shows low 40s this weekend.  Luckily for us, we reached our necessary heights this week.  This enables the plant to store enough energy to survive the winter and dormancy break.  

We will continue to utilize our mowers, as well as rollers, to maximize our playing conditions during this period.  Please understand that many factors contribute to the greens not being as conditioned as they are during the growing season.  As the weather becomes sporadic, so does the plant's growing habits.  Not all plants are growing as fast or slow as the next.  This can cause a blotchy appearance.  As I stated, we will continue to mow to even out any of this growth over the next few months.  

We were able to incorporate another topdressing yesterday to help fill any voids that have been created from last week's rainfall and wear and tear of the past few weeks.  Topdressing this time of year does not provide the same results as during the growing season.  Although done for the same reason, when the grass is at a higher height, the sand will settle further in the canopy. 

Most of the time after a topdressing in the growing season, you will notice a smooth and quick surface for a few days.  Because of the settling of the sand inside the canopy, more leaf tissue is able to become in contact with the golf ball, which can restrict ball roll.  We will continue to utilize sand to tighten the canopy and fill those voids in efforts to provide a smooth surface.  As mentioned earlier though, this will cause a spotting effect because of the different growth habits this time of year.  Once we can eliminate topdressing for the year, this will go away.

Other happenings:

  • Tuesday, October 25th - The South End practice range tee will be restricted to the mats only to preserve the grass for next spring/s transition.
  • Tuesday, November 8th - We will begin using the three-hole system on the greens.  This system allows for less scarring from changing locations in the winter months.  We will also pair several tee markers together that will create three sets of tees.  This will minimize the wear to our tees during the non-growing season.  
  • Spraying aquatic plants.
  • Regressing several worn areas in fronts of greens.
  • Cleaning up/inter-seeding several native areas.
  • Edged bunkers.

We appreciate your understanding as our practices must change during the non-growing season to protect the course through the winter.  If you should have any questions regarding this please contact me directly at or (901) 201-0320.