Agronomy Weekly

It seems like every week when I type Agronomy Weekly, we are experiencing something crazy with the weather.  This week brings nothing different as we felt the temperatures drop this past weekend just to have them back in the mid-80s this week.  Our staff continues to make adjustments and prepare the course in preparation for what is to come.

I believe I have stated in a previous Agronomy Weekly that we have reached our winter heights on greens.  This doesn't mean we will discontinue mowing or rolling.  We will continue to use these practices to provide the playing conditions we all desire.  

Next Monday, October 31st, we will needle tine several areas on greens.  This will not affect play on Tuesday.  The areas will be rolled and mowed the following day.  This practice is done to alleviate compaction that can lead to algae build up.

I have had several discussions over the past few weeks about the watering practices on the golf course.  Many wonder why we are even watering if the growing season is over.  Although the growing season is over, the plant is still alive (not dormant).  The plant is very fragile at this stage and can easily dry out if enough water is not supplemented.  It is important for us to ensure the moisture is there due to the chance of it not recovering before it goes completely dormant and possibly not breaking dormancy next spring.  We did push the irrigation after our last rainfall to drive more growth in certain areas.  We are backing way off the irrigation this week and will continue to monitor it for the remaining of the fall.

Another thing you may have noticed is a difference in the face of the bunkers.  We started raking the faces last week due an algae build up where we normally roll the faces.  This was only temporary to allow the sand to dry out.  Our staff has begun rolling the faces back down today.  The rolling is done to keep balls from plugging in the faces of the bunkers.

I encourage you to send me your feedback or questions regarding the course conditions to scottn@springcreekranch or call me directly at (901) 201-0320.  Enjoy the remainder of your week.