Agronomy Weekly

Another week and another crazy weather pattern.  Imagine that!  Many times the course can benefit from these type weather patterns by allowing our staff to address some minor details throughout the course.  This week, we are using the wet conditions to move through the course in this manner.


The greens were vertical mowed, groomed and mowed on Monday.  As I have said in previous Agronomy Weekly's, this process cuts the horizontal stems (stolons) of the champion in efforts to control grain in the canopy.  We were unable to follow the process this week with a topdressing due to rain showers.  

As our staff arrived Tuesday, we still were encountering some rainfall so we only mowed the greens once.  The speeds are affected during wet conditions as the leaf blade swells from excessive moisture.  As the week continues, we hope to be able to consistently mow the greens to provide a great, smooth putting surface.  

We also made our first of two growth regulator applications this week on Tuesday.  The second application is scheduled for Friday, weather permitting.  

Meyer Zoysiagrass Fairways:

We were able to complete circle mowing the Back 9 fairways this past Monday.  This completes the whole course over the span of two weeks.  This will help remove any puffiness or imperfections in the fairway cut.  We will continue our regular mowing patterns at .450 HOC through the rest of the growing season.

Palisades Zoysia Rough:

Our staff was only able to complete mowing through No. 7 this week in the rough.  We intend to complete the rest of the course if weather allows.  At this point, we are leaving tire tracks and do not want to cause any damage with the mowers, so we have suspended mowing.  

We were able to complete a growth regulator application in the rough last week that will aid in slowing down the rapid growth.  We also look for the cooler night temperatures to aid in this as well.  

Other Course Happenings:


  • Removing overgrowth in the creek on No. 18

  • Edging cart paths

  • Re-grassing the sink hole on No. 7

  • Cleaning cart path drains

  • Spraying herbicide at the GolfHouse

  • Hover mowing all bunker faces and lake banks

  • Spraying aquatic weeds on No. 9, 11, 12 & 15 (6-10 feet from edge)

We have been lucky to miss the majority of the heavy rainfall that sets us back in repairing the course so far.  We certainly hope this is the case for the rest of the week and look forward to continuing to make improvements moving forward.  As always, if you should have any questions or feedback please contact me at or (901) 201-0320.

Best wishes,

Scott J. Newman

Golf Course Superintendent