Agronomy Weekly

After an interesting weekend full of thunderstorms, it seems the heat has returned this week.  We are looking forward to the course drying out and beginning to play as we all desire.  Here is a look at our practices and plans for this week.

Champion Greens:

The greens are now eight days post-dryjecting.  There are still some small holes visible in the greens but we expect them to heal in rapidly over the next week.  We have lowered mowing heights to 0.125 today and plan to drop to 0.118 for tomorrow's mowing.  This, including the frequent topdressing, will help improve speeds as we move forward in the week.  We continue to double cut and roll each day to provide the best conditions we can at this point in the healing process.

Meyer Zoysia Teeing Grounds:

The teeing surfaces have recovered nicely.  We are mowing the tees at 0.450 three times per week.  All tees have been sprayed with a growth regulator to prevent rapid growth.  We will continue to push the par 3 tees as we continue through the growing season, as well as adding in several topdressings to provide a more level surface.

Meyer Zoysia Fairways:

The fairways have recovered well after the June drought.  We are still continuing to push some of the weaker areas as the season progresses.  We are mowing at 0.450.  All fairways have been sprayed with a growth regulator and are being mowed three times a week.  We are re-grassing the area used for sod in the front of No. 3 fairway this week.  This area has served us well in many areas throughout the course this year.  The sod in this area will be played as Ground Under Repair until completely healed in.


The bunkers were destroyed this past weekend after we received 4.75 inches of rain in just over 12 hours.  As you can imagine, it takes some serious manpower to repair all 119 bunkers on the course.  Our staff has been working hard to repair the bunkers today.  As we move forward, we will go back around and check sand depths to ensure we are not pushing too much sand or removing too much in many areas.  We appreciate your patience during this time.

We have been happy with the response in plant growth the past several weeks.  Much of the course has surely responded well and is growing rapidly.  Our staff is working diligently to keep it mowed as fast as possible each week to provide a great playing surface.  Because of the excessive growth in some areas, we are seeing grass clippings remain in some areas until dry enough to blow.  We continue each day to send blowers around to clean up the course and return it to the clean look we desire.  

As always if you should ever have any feedback or questions regarding the course conditioning please contact me at or (901) 201-0320.  Have a great week!

Best wishes,

Scott J. Newman

Golf Course Superintendent