Agronomy Weekly

I hope everyone is starting to enjoy the slight change in weather.  I think we are really close to being able to enjoy some great days for golf in the near future.  Of course the weather always plays a role in course conditions, but we have been lucky to miss the heavy rainfalls over the past few weeks and the course has shown improvements.  Here is a look at what our staff has been doing.

Champion Greens:

This past Monday, we were able to vertical mow the greens, followed by a mowing with the triplex mower.  This vertical mowing stood up some of the grass "grain" in the greens and provides channels for new leaf tissue to grow.  Because of the aggressiveness of the vertical mower, we encountered some minimal scalping in certain areas.  These areas will heal in quickly.  

We were able to follow this process with a topdressing to fill any voids left behind.  The greens are being mowed at a bench setting of .095 of an inch.  We continue to double cut each day in efforts to provide the best conditions.  As the weather begins to cool down (night time temperatures), we will need to slowly start raising heights to provide enough canopy for winter survival.  However, we still have a lot of great golfing weather left and will always strive to provide great putting surfaces.

Meyer Zoysia Teeing Grounds:

The tees are being mowed three times weekly at .450 of an inch.  We have started mowing them in different directions to provide a checker board look to them.  As the temperatures begin to drop, we will begin moving the tees around to different boxes to allow ample time to heal.

Meyer Zoysia Fairways:

The fairways are being mowed three times weekly at .450 of an inch.  We have also incorporated a different mowing pattern in the fairways as well that will provide a diamond pattern over time.  The fairways have benefited from the timely rainfalls over the past few weeks.  They will continue to dry down and provide a more firm surface as the rain chances diminish.  We continue to push weaker areas to grow in as the weather is still conducive to growing.

Palisades Zoysia Rough:

Wow!  The rough is rough for sure.  We were unable to mow the rough two weeks ago due to the excessive rainfall.  This provided a US Open experience for many.  We were able to provide an intermediate cut around many holes that aided in shots that just missed the fairway.  We have been able to mow all the rough this week and will continue to mow it a second time to clean it up even more.  

After a long spring transition that was slow growing for the palisades, it has surely taken off and filled in nicely.  Due to it aggressively growing, we applied a growth regulator to the majority of it.  This is why you will notice a slight browning effect around all the fairways.  It is certainly intentional to slow the growth and allow us to be able to catch up on mowing all 90+ acres twice a week.

Native Areas:

We have reached the time of year when our staff will start mowing down the native areas and allowing them to rejuvenate themselves over the fall months.  Several areas inside the cart paths will be re-seeded with new turf type fescue to clean up the various grass species growing in them.  This process takes several weeks to complete.  We appreciate your patience and understanding during this time.

Other Happenings:

  • Cleaning out the creek on No. 18
  • Spraying the algae in No. 6 lake
  • Spraying aquatic plants
  • Mulching beds on course, golf house, and Collierville-Arlington Rd

Agronomy Tips For Your Lawn:

  1. Zoysia grass lawns should avoid late-summer fertilizer applications. Nitrogen will promote certain diseases that can be detrimental to your lawn entering dormancy.
  2. Bermudagrass lawns would benefit from one last late-summer nitrogen application.
  3. Fall pre-emerge should be applied soon to prevent fall and winter weeds.
  4. Fall army worms are a huge problem in Midsouth on bermuda lawns. Applying carbayl when the worms are present will eradicate them rapidly.  Zoysia grass owners are not in danger from this pest.

Best wishes,

Scott J. Newman

Golf Course Superintendent