Agronomy Weekly

We are now in our fourth full week post-aerification and second full week post-dryjecting, and the course has responded nicely.  The weather continues to be adequate for growing warm-season turf grasses, and we continue to make improvements in many areas each week.  Here is an overlook of course conditioning this week.

Champion Greens:

The greens are being mowed with walking greens mowers set at .110 height of cut as of Tuesday, August 9th.  We are lowering the height to .102 for Wednesday's mowing and will remain there until early next week when we will drop to .095.  This is where we will stay until we feel it is necessary to raise heights to prepare for dormancy.  

We are also using a triplex mower from time to time on the greens.  This mower is different in the fact it has three reels mowing in the same direction unlike the one when we use a walk mower.  The triplex is set at .125 HOC to achieve the same actual height of the grass as the floating walkers.  

The greens were heavily topdressed on Monday, August 8th, in efforts to fill any voids left from dryjecting.  Weather permitting, we will incorporate another light topdressing later in the week to continue to provide a smooth putting surface.  The greens are being sprayed weekly with a growth regulator to prevent any excess growth between mowings.   We continue to either double cut or mow and roll greens each day.  We plan to reincorporate the 10 AM stimp reading this week.

Meyer Zoysia Teeing Grounds:

The tees are being mowed today at .450 HOC.  We will move to a new height of .400 for the remainder of the growing season.  As of today, all tees that were re-grassed this year are open for play.  We appreciate your patience as we moved through the course.  We continue to push the par 3 tees with granular fertility to promote growth and limit recovery time.

Meyer Zoysia Fairways:

On Monday, the front nine fairways were circle mowed.  This practice keeps the reels mowing the turf at several different directions that it is not normally done.  As you can imagine this is a very slow process as it takes 10+ hours to do 9 holes.  We plan to circle mow the back nine fairways next Monday.  We will drop to .400 HOC on Wednesday and remain there for the rest of the growing season.  We are also spraying a growth regulator this week to keep the height more consistent between mowings.  

Palisades Zoysia Rough:

The rough is still growing very rapidly.  We are mowing the rough continuously throughout the week to keep it from getting too tall.  The height of the rough is 2.25 inches.  With rain in the forecast for late in the week, we may not be able to mow all 92 acres twice.  Hopefully we can get lucky and miss most of the heavy rainfall.


The bunkers were destroyed last week, and we've finally got the sand pushed back in the faces.  We continue to use the mechanical rake to smooth out the bottoms of the bunkers where the sand washed down into some areas.  We will begin checking depths in the faces this week in efforts to prevent plugging in the faces.

Our staff continues to work hard to maximize your playing experience.  If you should have any feedback or questions regarding the course, please feel free to contact me at (901) 201-0320 or  Thanks, and I hope to see you all out enjoying yourself soon.

Best wishes,

Scott J. Newman

Golf Course Superintendent