Agronomy Weekly

Champion Greens:

The greens have been able to stay fairly consistent now for a few weeks.  Mother nature aids greatly in regulating growth once night time temps decrease as well as day length.  Our staff is able to get in front of the growth, and the greens tend to stay more consistent because the plant begins to slow down.  We continue to double cut daily as well as roll several times a week to keep speeds consistent as well.

Other Happenings:

  • Receiving recommendations from SeaPro aquatic specialist on ways to eradicate algae in No. 6 irrigation lake
  • Edging bunkers
  • Bush hogging native areas
  • Will begin re-grassing several weaker areas in fairways/approaches soon
  • Continue spraying aquatic weeds in several lakes/creeks

Agronomy Tips:

  • Pre-Emerge should be applied now for prevention of winter weeds like annual bluegrass (poa anna)
  • Fescue/Ryegrass should be seeded this time of year as heat is needed for proper germination
  • Zoysia grass lawns should restrict nitrogen use to reduce disease pressure this fall

Best wishes,

Scott J. Newman

Golf Course Superintendent