Agronomy Weekly

Good morning!

Range Tees

The South End range tees will be off the mats Tuesday through Sunday starting April 18th. We will begin with routine aerification and fertility practices to help speed recovery throughout the season.


With the warmer nighttime temperatures, we have been able to drop greens heights from 0.165’’ down to 0.115’’ over the past few weeks. The first sand top-dressing application was made a few days before Masters weekend to help maintain speeds. Top-dressing will be a weekly practice weather-permitting.

In order to maintain firmness and reduce ball marks, we will continue to use very light irrigation combined with hand-watering dry spots as needed. While you may notice slight discoloration on occasion, this is the best practice for managing moisture in our sand-based root zones.

Tees & Fairways

With plenty of rain and warmer temperatures, our zoysia grass is filling in nicely. The circular orange patches you may notice are a disease that thrives in these cooler wet conditions. While we follow practices to help reduce outbreaks, complete control is nearly impossible for our 130 acres of zoysia turf. Warmer temperatures and dry weather will begin to hide the symptoms over the next few weeks, and the areas affected should see a quick recovery.


Weather-permitting, we will begin aerating our rough to assist with spring growth. This will promote better air exchange within the soil and also assist with drainage into our sand root zones.

Irrigation & Creeks

We have a crane scheduled to pull our three 75-horsepower pumps the 18th, 19th, and 20th of this month. The replacement of these pumps, shafts, etc. will allow us to irrigate the course as needed throughout the summer. Nighttime irrigation cycles typically begin late May but will strictly depend on weather and conditions.

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