Agronomy Weekly (April 26th)

Good afternoon,

Welcome to Agronomy Weekly, where superintendent Stephen Cox provides the latest updates on course conditions and other happenings at SCR.


Greens are beginning to fill in with the sunny days and warmer temperatures. With the forecast predicting temperatures in the low 50s over the next few weeks, we plan to keep our height of cut at 0.115 inches. Once nighttime temperatures increase, we will begin vertical mowing to help manage thatch and reduce grain.

We will continue to combine mowing, rolling and sand topdressing to help maintain speeds. Light fertility along with growth regulators are applied weekly to promote a more uniform and dense turf canopy.

Tees, Fairways & Rough

We will begin to apply fertility to these areas in the next few weeks once the nighttime temperatures have increased. Light rates of nitrogen will help with growth and turf density while weak/bare areas will be spot fertilized at higher rates to promote maximum growth.

Creeks on No. 2 & No. 13

Parts are on order to repair issues with the pumps and plumbing. Once parts are installed, we will assess any other issues we see within the systems.


Tuesday, April 2th, was our first overnight test cycle on our greens. Everything went well, and we will continue with improvements and repairs to provide adequate soil moisture throughout the summer droughts.

Drop Zone on No. 17

A new drop zone is being placed lake side between the Georgie Boy tees and the green.

As always, feel free to reach out to me at if you have any questions. Have a great week!