Agronomy Weekly (May 10th)

Good afternoon!

Welcome to another edition of Agronomy Weekly, where I'll provide the latest updates from the golf course.


The sunshine and warmer temperatures over the past few days is helping our grass grow and dry out the course. We are running light irrigation cycles on the greens at night as needed, combined with hand watering dry spots. Our USGA spec-root zones drain extremely well and combined with heavy winds dry out quickly compared to tees, fairways and rough.

Height of cut will remain at 0.115" until we see warmer nighttime temperatures and a denser turf canopy on the greens. Weekly fertility combined with a low rate of growth regulator will help create that dense and uniform surface we are looking to achieve. Height of cut will be lowered in increments of 0.005" to 0.010" over the next few weeks depending on weather and the health of the grass.

Our medium-to-heavy weekly sand topdressing will continue to help with ball speed/roll throughout this time of the year.

Tees & Fairways

Tees are being sprayed with a liquid fertilizer combined with a product to reduce the amount of disease pressure (commonly known as zoysia patch) and promote recovery on worn areas.

Par 3 tees will be treated individually to promote maximum growth until we see full recovery. Over the next few weeks, we will shut down certain teeing grounds to allow for quicker recovery. Later in the year, we plan to expand these areas to allow for more tee rotation and will be converting to a more aggressive variety of bermuda where needed.

Fairway fertility combined with growth regulator and wetting agents will be applied in the next week, weather permitting. The fertilizer will assist in plant health/growth, while the growth regulator assists in a denser turf and less clippings. The wetting agents help disperse water throughout the soil and down to the root system, creating a drier surface and a healthier plant.


Rough is beginning to fill in and will continue to be mowed weekly throughout the season. A granular time-released fertilizer was applied May 9th-10th and will supply needed nutrients throughout the rest of the growing season.


Bunker slopes will be mowed weekly or bi-weekly throughout the season as needed. Weather permitting, we schedule these mowing Monday through Wednesday and have a clean-up crew following the mowers to blow debris and rake the bunkers. This process typically takes a seven or eight-man crew between 18 to 20 hours to complete all bunkers, lake banks and creeds where our riding mowers cannot access. Bunkers will continue to be assessed and repaired as needed.

Collars & Green Surroundings

Collar heights have been lowered to 0.300" and will be mowed three to four times throughout the week. A spinning brush at a height of 0.200" is set in front of the mower to stand the grass upright, creating a more uniform surface. This combined with other practices should enhance our collars throughout the growing season.

Thank you again for reading! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to stop me around the golf course or email me at