Bridge Update - Understanding the Project

As most of you have witnessed, we had a bridge collapse this year by 12 tee after some excessive rainfall. In time, we have dismantled the remainder of the bridge in order to open up the area so that contractors can review and define the necessary course of action to make the repairs.

To most, the bridge may look like a simple repair. I wish it was that easy, but the reality is there is a 36-inch drainage pipe that daylights underneath the bridge. This pipe empties over 25,000 gallons per minute when the lake reaches its overflow level.

This may seem like it should take some time to accomplish, but the water level rests just below the overflow pipe at all times. If we receive an inch or more of rainfall in a short period of time, this pipe fills up quickly. The water that exits this pipe empties directly underneath the bridge. As you can imagine, that amount of water can almost destroy anything.

The subsoil that once held the pylons in place from the original construction has now been washed away. That allowed the bridge to sag, causing added stress on the support beams. If the erosion issue is not addressed in the rebuild of the bridge, we open ourselves up to this very same thing happening again.

Because the safety of our members and guests, as well as our staff, is greater than the need to make quick repairs, we want to make sure we correct the main problem. Once the contractors have addressed the erosion created by the overflow pipe, the construction of a new bridge will begin. The bridge will be built back to its original style to not only match the other bridges throughout the course, but it also has to be able to support the weight of heavy machinery.

As of this week, we are meeting with more contractors to find the best fit for our needs. Please keep in mind that the safety of our members and guests are the top priority as we move forward in the process. We certainly appreciate your patience and understanding during this time.

If you would ever like to visit the site and discuss, please contact me as I would be glad to explain in further detail. As we move forward, I will continue to post updates and communicate our progress. Again thanks for your patience, and I wish each of you a great day.

Best wishes,

Scott Newman Golf Course Superintendent Spring Creek Ranch Golf Club