Agronomy Weekly

Good Morning,

Rain, rain and more rain.  It seems like it will never stop.  Luckily for us, the temperatures are on the rise.  This may not be good for everyone but it surely will be beneficial to the course.  This weeks forecast is showing rain to move in today and a chance each day until Friday.  Maybe we can get lucky and miss it for the most part.

Early this week before the rain we are trying to finish up the renovated bunkers.  This process includes adding sand as well as tamping the sand to make sure it has settled completely.   Unfortunately we will not finish the bunker on number 18.  This bunker has two areas that are in need of more polymer.  Because the polymer takes 24 hours to set up we are unable to do this today with the forecasted rain.  We hope to make the reapplication on Friday and have the bunker completed by early next week.  Hopefully the rain will hold off a little longer as we are also moving through the course applying a fungicide to the rough.  This fungicide is to clean up any zoysia patch.  Zoyisa patch is most active in moist, cool conditions.  This fungicide will eliminate the disease presence and prevent any more development over the next 14 days.  We are also making a fertility application to the greens today.  This will promote growth on the canopy as we most certainly need to recover from the winter stress.  This product is very small but will be seen on the greens until the rain has watered it in.

Because of the cooler temperatures still upon us, we have also made the decision to move back onto the range mats from Tuesday to Thursday each week.  The grass tee will be open from Friday to Sunday.  This allows our staff to push the tee a little harder in efforts to recover during a time when the turf is not actively growing.  We will be fertilizing the tee as well as using products to promote soil warming over the next few weeks.  We will then re evaluate the teeing surface and make the necessary adjustments.

I hope everyone has a great week and look forward to seeing the sun shine again in the later part of the week.  If you should have any questions, feel free to contact me any time.

Best wishes,

Scott J. Newman Golf Course Superintendent

Spring Creek Ranch 12671 Monterey Road Collierville, TN 38017

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