Agronomy Weekly

Good Morning,

This week has already proven to be a big week for our staff. We have been able to complete many projects on the course that were needed as well as continue to make improvements. So far the weather has cooperated and we are seeing a response from our efforts to push growth in many areas.

The greens are continuing to improve as we are seeing the night time temperatures on the rise. We were able to vertical mow the greens and clean up with a clean dry cut. This process clips the horizontal stems that are produced by Champion bermudagrass. This process helps alleviate the progression of grain in the greens and allows areas for sand to enter the canopy providing a smoother ball roll. We are down to our heights that we feel the greens are responding well to at this point in the year. We will continue to push the limits as time goes on and the greens can handle the lower mowing heights. We also have been able to start spraying the growth regulator Primo Maxx. As stated before this product reduces the vertical growth of the leaf blades. This tightens the canopy to provide a consistent ball roll. This product is applied twice weekly to eliminate spikes in growth as the product wears off.

As many of you have noticed, we removed 6 large trees to the left of number 5 teeing grounds. This was to allow the Black Duke and Carson tees to receive up to 6 more hours of sunlight a day. This is greatly beneficial to the survival of these tees. We replaced the struggling turf on those tees with Meyer zoysia and look forward to these tees being back in play soon. We also were able to widen the teeing grounds at number 8. This will allow a few more areas to hit from. This is greatly beneficial during the non growing season. These areas will remain soggy for the next few days as it is necessary to keep them moist in efforts to promote rooting.

We appreciate your patience as the rebuild efforts are well under way on the bridge at 12 tees. The retainer wall has been reconstructed to keep the material from washing out under the path. We have also replaced the two pylons that were knocked out due to the amount of water coming from the pipe under the bridge. This week we are adding large rock that will prevent any further erosion from occurring. This process is slow due to the size of the rock being brought in. We want to ensure we completely line the creek bottom so that we prevent any future bridge failure. Once this rock has been completed, the bridge will be reconstructed.

We certainly look forward to many more weeks like we have endured this week. Weather is playing in our favor and we hope you are coming out and enjoying it with us. As always, feel free to contact me with any questions. Have a great week!

Best wishes,

Scott J. Newman Golf Course Superintendent

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