Agronomy Weekly

Good Morning,

Thankfully this week we have made it several days without rain.We were able to move through the course over the past couple of days and do some things that have been pushed back because of these storms.The Better Billy Bunker's (BBB's) are almost complete.We applied the polymer to the areas in need of repair on 18 and the sand is being added.This bunker should be complete this week, as we are currently awaiting another shipment of sand.The other bunkers have been tamped are are back in play and being maintained like all the others.We also were able to finish spraying for zoysia patch this week.The wet weather has really provided us with enough zoysia patch to go around.The fungicide will take this disease out and these areas will recover as we continue to get drier, warm weather.

As a result of the range tee not actively growing we decided to move back to the mats on Tuesday- Thursday.This seems to be helping greatly with the preservation of the turf at this time.A green sand mixed with other products has been added to the divots on the tee and are aiding in the development of new grass in those areas.We continue to evaluate the area and will move back to the tee as soon as the grass is able to recover.We also were able to topdress greens this week. Topdressing aids in the smoothness of the greens as well as thatch dilution.The greens will roll much better due to this process even though it may not seem aesthetically pleasing.As the growing season gets more active we will topdress each week.

Hopefully the rainfall will not be heavy this afternoon as it seems we have been getting the blunt end of each storm.Today we are single cutting greens in efforts to apply a wetting agent to the greens before the rain begins.This wetting agent allows water to hold through out the profile of the green.It will keep water from pooling on the surface which can lead to algae accumulation.This product must be watered in to ensure its effectiveness.We thank you for your understanding as we continue to make improvements to the course.Have a great week.

Best wishes,

Scott J. Newman Golf Course Superintendent

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