Agronomy Weekly

Good Morning,

It seems that each week we wish for a change in the weather and we get one. Maybe not the one we wished for but we certainly have seen some different weather patterns this year. We once again experienced some cooler temperatures. As one could imagine, just like our bodies during this change, the grass is confused. We are able to see some growth happening and then it shuts down and turns yellow from lack of sunlight and soil temperatures dropping. Luckily we were able to miss the majority of the heavy rainfall earlier in the week.

This week our staff has started making progress on the bridge reconstruction. The retainer wall on 7 tee side of the bridge was reconstructed and lined to not allow any water to penetrate through causing it to collapse. The pylons will be erected today and the rock lining will be added to provide structural support to the sub soil. This process should be completed by mid next week allowing a contractor to reconstruct the bridge. We plan on the bridge taking several days to rebuild but look forward to having it back in to normal.

Also today we will remove grass from the black duke and carson tees on number 5. We have new meyer zoysia sod being delivered tomorrow and will regrass the tees as the weather permits. In addition we are removing several trees on the left side of the path to allow more sunlight to the tees. We feel this will greatly benefit the health of the tees and eliminate the need for regrassing each year. However, traffic plays a huge roll in the decline of these tees during the non growing season. In future winters we will eliminate these two tees from play and utilize the other areas on the hole. We also are removing the palisades around 8 teeing grounds to widen the teeing space. This will add over 5000 square feet of space.

Other happening this week include aerifying and fertilizing areas in the rough to promote more growth. This will take time as we need warmer weather. The greens have now adapted to the new mowing heights and are progressing well. We are spraying them with a growth regulator (primo maxx) today that will begin to tighten the canopy allowing a better ball roll. This product is sprayed weekly throughout the growing season. We look forward to the greens continuing to improve as the season goes on.

Best wishes,

Scott J. Newman Golf Course Superintendent

Spring Creek Ranch 12671 Monterey Road Collierville, TN 38017

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