Agronomy Weekly

Good Morning,

As we move through another week we continue to see rain, rain and more rain. Although we have been lucky and missed most of the heavy rain showers we have been getting quiet a few each week. This week will be no different. With rain forecasted each day we certainly hope to have it hold off enough so that we can continue to make improvements throughout the course. As of today we have received 47.8 inches of rainfall for the year. Why is this number important? Since 2004, SCR has averaged 55 inches of rainfall a year. This much rain has made it extremely difficult at times to prepare the course or make the necessary improvements as we move into the warmer months. We just hope it doesn't completely shut off when it does decide to get hot.

This week our staff has been able to re grass some areas that were deemed too worn to try and grow back in. All the newly grassed areas are ground under repair until the sod has rooted and we are able to mow it to the necessary heights to fit with the surrounding areas. We apologize for this inconvenience and will continue to push the areas to heal in properly. We were also able to remove the stump and concrete in the area the practice range where the tree was removed this past week. This will aid in better traffic flow around the cart staging area.

Other happenings throughout the course include finishing edging bunker faces, adding new rakes to many of the bunkers, edging curbs, wetting agent as well as fungicide applications to the greens, fertilizing weak areas, and edging of greens collars.

As of yesterday we finished adding the large rock that will line the creek at number 12 tees. Monday, June 6th, the reconstruction of the bridge will occur. We are looking to have the bridge completed and reopened by the weekend of 6/11. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Have a great week!

Best wishes,

Scott J. Newman Golf Course Superintendent

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