Agronomy Weekly

Good Morning,

As most of you know this is a huge week in golf around the nation.  We look forward to some great weather in the upcoming weeks.  As of now the night time temperatures are playing a huge part in the results you see throughout the course.  For instance, the greens are not actively growing.   They have a yellowish tint to their color because of the cooler night temperatures along with high winds during the day.  This will remain this way until we can see some active growth and start pushing them to their max potential.  You also will notice may areas in the zoysia still dormant.  This is normal as all grass doesn't break dormancy at the same time.  It will take the soil temperatures to elevate into the mid 70's to be able to fully break out and start growing.  Unfortunately this is still quite some time away.  Because the plant has began to green up but not actively growing, it becomes highly susceptible to pest.  You will notice some Zoysia Patch (Rhizoctonia solani) forming in the rough and a few fairways.   This is usually identified by the orange/red tint to the turf canopy.  Over the next week or two we will be applying a fungicide to cure these areas of this pest.  Just like the greens it is imperative to not jump the gun and start mowing the turf lower or pushing growth as it opens the door for these pest to become more problematic.    We monitor all areas of the course daily and look forward to having the course in pristine conditions soon.

Other happenings this week include the formation of seedheads in the fairways and tees.  This is the natural instinct of the grass to ensure its survival.  This is noticed by the purple color generated by the seeds.  We will continue to mow as normal, however these seedheads growing rapidly.  Over time they will disappear.  These seedheads are very abrasive to our mowing equipment and you will see a decline in the quality of cut on these areas.  After the seedheads are done we will grind all reels and regain the perfect quality of cut we all desire.

As of yesterday we were given the go ahead by Better Billy Bunker to begin adding sand to the bunkers that were renovated this year. This process will take several weeks to conclude. As we move through adding sand it is necessary for us to tamp the new sand. Once the sand has been properly tamped we will open these bunkers for play. We look forward to your feedback as we feel this system will be a great addition to these bunkers.

Changes on the course this week:

*Hole locations are set to normal locations for summer play

*Carson Tee on Number 1 to be re grassed

*PA south tee will open on Friday, April 8th

*Cart path only restrictions are limited to 2,5,8,13,17

*Creeks will be turned back on after necessary winter maintenance

Best wishes,

Scott J. Newman Golf Course Superintendent

Spring Creek Ranch 12671 Monterey Road Collierville, TN 38017

Office: (901) 850-1129 Cell: (901) 201-0320