Agronomy Weekly

Good Morning,

After a year of up and down weather we sure seemed to luck out this week. The weather has been amazing and the course is showing improvements because of it. Our staff has done a great job this week going through the course and making many improvements.

The greens are now at a point that we can push them each day. We continue to double cut or mow and roll each day to provide a great putting surface. Our growth regulator applications have become more frequent allowing the surface growth to remain consistent. We look forward to them continuing to improve as the year goes on.

As you make your way through the course you will notice several areas that have been re sodded. We felt these areas would take to long to grow back in, so we decided to re grass them. All areas with new sod will remain Ground Under Repair until they have rooted down and withstand play. We are very pleased with the progression of the teeing grounds on number 5. The sod has rooted and we will begin working the heights down to allow play from these tees very soon.

We are finally able to re open the bridge on number 12 tees. You will notice that several of the boards do not match and seem to be a little higher than the others. These boards are temporary as the lumber to match had to be ordered and has not been received. Once the lumber arrives we will remove the temporary boards and attach the new ones. This will not disrupt the traffic over the bridge as it will be a quick adjustment. We will soon start re grassing some of the areas behind 11 green and pushing the area to return to full turf coverage. This area will be deemed Ground Under Repair. We appreciate your patience during the project.

Other happenings on the course this week include: mulching all beds on the course, adding pine straw to the practice area, edging cart paths, treating algae in the lakes, and adding new flags to the course.

I hope each of you have a great week and as always, feel free to contact me anytime. Thanks for being a member!

Best wishes,

Scott J. Newman Golf Course Superintendent

Spring Creek Ranch 12671 Monterey Road Collierville, TN 38017

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