Agronomy Weekly

Good Afternoon,

Yesterday we were able to vent the greens.  This is not an aerification.  It is  using small 1/4" solid tines to poke small holes in the green allowing oxygen to enter  the root system.  This process is extremely important after aggressive rolling in conjunction with excessive rainfall this winter.  It will not do much for growth, but does help with plant health.  Over the next few weeks the greens will basically be sitting stagnant.  We have dropped the heights to get speeds up.  We cannot drop any lower at the moment because the canopy is not dense enough to support it.  Right now there is a 38 degree night forecasted for thursday evening.  This will most likely bring another frost.

We also were able to start prepping two more bunkers yesterday in efforts to be ready for Better Billy Bunker to come in Monday and spray the polymer over the gravel.  Once this is done we will add sand to all those bunkers.  The bunkers include 2 on 7, 1 on 11, 1 on 18, and 1 one 13.  After completion we will tamp this bunkers and hopefully begin the tamping process to all the other bunkers.

Other happenings this week include:  Fairways were mowed for the first time, Practice range tee was aerifyed with solid tines.  We plan to topdress is soon.  We also have began spraying fairways with a fungicide for zoysia patch as well as fairy ring.  Number 14 will be sprayed with a different product as an in house test.

I hope everyone has a great week and as always if you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Best wishes,

Scott J. Newman Golf Course Superintendent

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