Updated Doc's Cup Standings

Here is the latest standing for Doc's Cup with only one event remaining (El Encierro: Men's Fall Member-Member). Doc's Cup is a points-based Ryder Cup event between the Top 16 golfers at The Ranch.

1. Bill West (1,350 points)

2. David Ruff (900 points)

3. Mike Harris (800 points)

4. Sean Casey (750 points)

5. Cary Califf (700 points)

T6. Chad Houchin (600 points)

T6. Christian Kuhn (600 points)

Thirteen players are tied for 8th place at 500 points. With El Encierro as the final event to earn points, the standings are destined to shake up. Be sure to sign up!

T8. Brad Barksdale, Ed Barnett, Buzz Fly, Jonathan Frisch, Doug Haefer, Chuck Herzog, Dr. Dave Kellenberger, Jody Lawrence, Ben Livingston, John New, Kevin Pope, Joe Rowell, Kyle Smith