Drew Oxley, Rachel Heck Named "Most Improved" in 2016

Congratulations to Drew Oxley and Rachel Heck for being named the "Most Improved Golfers" at The Ranch during 2016. The USGA computes the most improved golfers based on a player's beginning and ending handicap index. The method takes into consideration the level of a player's improvement rather than the net change in handicap index.

Drew Oxley improved from a 19.9 index at the beginning of the season to a 13.7 index. His improvement factor was rated at 1.241, the highest among all male golfers at The Ranch.

Steve Fitzpatrick's improvement factor ranked second after he improved from a 6.8 to a 3.2 during 2016.

Rachel Heck adds to her outstanding calendar year with another honor after improving from a +3.1 index to a +5.1 index. Her final improvement factor was calculated at a 1.290, the highest of all golfers at Spring Creek Ranch.

Anna Heck, the youngest of the Heck family, had the second-best improvement factor with a 1.268. Anna improved from a 15.9 to a 10.0 handicap at the age of 12.