Walk-By from the Pro


If you are like me, the Holidays have snuck up on you like cousin Eddie pulling his RV into your driveway with a dog named Snot.  In other words, we have nine days left to finish your shopping.  Do not fret; we have a solution.  After last week’s success of “Putt for Dough,” we have decided to give those that missed it, or those that want to try again, another chance.  This Sunday, December 18th, along with the Santa Brunch, we will have another sale in the Golf Shop.  Just a reminder, everyone will get an automatic 20% off with a chance to get up to 50% off. 

Every year, my mom asks me what I want for Christmas.  When I was a kid, this was an easy question.  Now I just ask for cash, but to no avail.  My mom insists on putting something under the tree.  Nowadays, people are impulse buyers.  They don’t necessarily know if they want something until they see it.  And if they need something, they buy it.  The days of waiting on something you need or want are gone.  If you are like my mom, and have a kid like me, we may have a solution.

This Sunday only, we are selling gift cards for a discounted price.  You can purchase a $100 gift card for $90 and a $200 gift card for $180.  So no more worrying what to buy for that kid like myself that’s probably going to return the gift anyway.

We have had some Arctic temperatures lately.  Unfortunately, the next several days don’t look any more promising.  After spending several days at a desk and in front of a computer, you may start squirm just a little.  Remember, we have the heated hitting bays.  When it's 33 degrees outside, it's 78 degrees and sunny in the bays. 

We also have a new product floating around the Golf House.  You may see these small flags around the Nicklaus Room or the Golf Shop.  The customized putting cups are a great way to practice with the flat stick and not have to brave the elements.  We now have them on sale in the Golf Shop!

We will still be open in the Golf Shop despite the course being closed this weekend.  Please don’t let this keep you from coming out.  We can always conjure up a putting contest or discuss Tiger’s chances at the Masters.  Either way, come out and see us!

Keep the birdies rolling,

Matthew Brock

Head Golf Professional