Walk-By from the Pro


Winter has shown its bitter face after a warmer-than-usual November.  That doesn’t mean all golf is lost.

This was always the toughest time of year for me.  I am not one who likes the colder temperatures and prefer to never see snow again.  During the winter months when the temperatures are not cooperative, I spend more time than normal on proper technique and drills. 

While spending the summer months focused on results, the winter can be used to concentrate on proper technique and process.  I like to focus on tempo and solid contact.  The colder temperatures can have a dramatic effect on the distance of golf shots.  With that said, I try to spend more time on the basics.  Jack Nicklaus used to say he would spend the off-season on the basics so he didn’t have to think about them when the season got going.

The shorter days can make this difficult, but the heated bays and utilizing our short game facilities is always a great substitute if you don’t have time to play 18 or even 9 holes.  For those that are not aware, we have short game challenges that can improve and increase focus, so the game doesn’t feel so foreign when you do get the opportunity to play again.  If you are one that likes to compete, I am always up for a challenge. 

Keep in mind, we have gear for the colder temperatures in the Golf Shop.  This Sunday along with the Santa Brunch, we have a Holiday Sale called Putt for Dough!  Each purchase will get an automatic 20% off their purchase.  Once you shop and are ready to check out, you will have an opportunity to get up to 50% off your entire purchase.  Each person will have a chance to make a putt of roughly 3 feet to get 30% off their purchase.  If they make the putt, they will have a putt from about 8 feet for 40% off, and subsequently will move to 15 feet for 50% off with made putts.  All merchandise has to be picked out before you putt. Hope to see you all soon and have a Happy Holiday season!

Keep the birdies going,

Matthew Brock, PGA

Head Golf Professional