GHIN Handicaps & Charges in 2016

As we gear up for golf season and tournaments at Spring Creek Ranch, we are in the process of auditing our GHIN Handicap Roster. GHIN Handicaps are an important way for golfers to see a snap shot of their progress and are required for our men's and women's major golf tournament entry. Additionally, we are collecting all scorecards this season in an effort to build a record of 400+ hole-by-hole men's & ladies scores in an effort to update the hole-by-hole handicap rankings.

If you do not have a GHIN Handicap through SCR and would like one, please let us know. Please note, we can merge your current GHIN Number if registered at another club so you do not lose your past scoring history. Email:

If you think you have a GHIN Handicap but would like to discontinue this service, please let us know by March 31st, 2016. Email:

All members with an active GHIN Handicap account through SCR will be charged an annual $30 fee on their March statements. (Please note that last year 2015 annual dues were charged in October.)

Thank you for your support Spring Creek Ranch and upholding the integrity of the game by recording all of your scores after each round in the GHIN Handicap Computer! 


That if you forget to log your scores in the computer at the Ranch or are playing abroad, you can download the GHIN app on your smart phone and quickly & instantly record your score from anywhere! Click here for more information: DOWNLOAD GHIN APP