Troubles Using Your GHIN App?

Many of our members reported this weekend that when they use their GHIN App, a message comes back saying they are not members. The TGA is currently working on this issue. Please see their notice below:

Dear TGA Member,

We are currently experiencing problems with our GHIN Mobile application. The application is currently offline and will remain offline while we work with the USGA to diagnose and correct the issue which is affecting all GHIN associations across the country. For reference, when accessing the GHIN Mobile application on an iPhone, you will receive the message "No Memberships" and on Android phone, you will receive the message "No Internet Connection".

We currently do not have a time table on when the mobile application will be back up and running. In the meantime, to post your scores, we encourage you to visit the score posting page on our website (, or you can visit or We apologize for this inconvenience and we will let you know as soon as this GHIN Mobile application is functioning properly.


Matthew N. Vanderpool

Executive Director

Tennessee Golf Association