SCR Golf Course Slope, Rating & Hole-By-Hole Handicaps

Throughout this spring, our SCR Handicap Committee has been working with the Tennessee Golf Association to re-rate our slope and rating of our course as a whole. This process was undertaken to assess the disparity of our "traveling" handicaps that members experience when playing other courses. Additionally, our Handicap Committee is trying to find out why we have so little variance in handicap for players between our front Georgie Boy tee all the way back through our Bravo tee.

To date, we are still working on resolving the overall course slope and rating and tee box differentials with the TGA. We have submitted all pertinent data needed for their slope/rating formula and after re examining this data, the TGA has not been able to assess a different slope or rating for SCR. As such, we are now setting up an on-site meeting with TGA staff at Spring Creek Ranch to assess or slope and rating on-site.

We are making more headway with the re evaluation of hole-by-hole handicap ratings. Thanks to our Handicap Committee Chair, Joe Rowell, we have been inputting our members' hole-by-hole scores throughout the spring into custom software. Thank you to all of our members who have dropped their scorecards in our "scorecard drop boxes"! We are nearing completion of entering the 400+ scores required for submission.

As we have a more information about our overall course slope and rating from the TGA, we will keep you apprised of any updates!

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Jennifer Hudson, PGA/LPGA

Head Golf Professional