Average Pace of Play Report 8/2-8/7

This weekly pace of play report provides insight to pace of play averages at the Ranch. To assist us in maintaining an enjoyable round experience and our 4 hour pace standard, please make sure your group is aware of the following when playing at the Ranch:

  • Position to the Group in Front--As you approach the tee box, the group in front should be approaching the green.
  • Utilize your cart monitor for time--Your visage monitor will alert you if you are falling behind pace.
  • If you ever need assistance on the course, please reach us: 901-853-5650.

WEEKLY PACE OF PLAY REPORT (Daily Averages Relative to a 4 Hour Pace):

02-Aug-2016 Tue--00:20:57 ahead

03-Aug-2016 Wed--00:10:23 ahead

04-Aug-2016 Thu--00:11:25 ahead

05-Aug-2016 Fri--00:24:44 ahead

06-Aug-2016 Sat--00:08:45 ahead

07-Aug-2016 Sun--00:06:31 ahead

Course Marshals: Our Golf team is making a concerted effort to ensure all groups maintain pace of play. If you are addressed by a course marshal, please allow us to help you regain position or pick up pace. We are here to serve you and the course at-large. We are happy to help in any way we can!

Thank You