Keith Schmitt Wins The 2016 Meyer Cup; More Results

Congratulations to Keith Schmitt for winning The Meyer Cup and the title of 2016 club champion!

Mr. Schmitt defeated Dan Barton on Hole No. 17 to win 3 and 1 in the final round of the 16-man Bravo bracket.

Mr. Schmitt becomes the third person to win multiple club championships in the 17-year history of the tournament. He also won The 2013 Meyer Cup.

Congratulations to Mr. Barton for a great runner-up finish!

In other flights, Cary Califf won the Black Duke flight while Christian Kuhn won the Carson flight.

Below is a complete list of results from each flight:


First Round

1) Ben Fisher defeated 16) Chris Hughes

9) Kittrell Smith defeated 8) John Maiden

4) Keith Schmitt defeated 13) Burke Wellborn

5) Todd Bradford defeated 12) Steve Thielemier

2) Chad Houchin defeated 15) Billy Brewer

10) Matt Mitchell defeated 7) John Fisher

3) Dan Barton defeated 14) Sean Casey

6) Steve Scott defeated 11) Dennis Vaughn

Second Round

9) Kittrell Smith defeated 1) Ben Fisher

4) Keith Schmitt defeated 5) Todd Bradford

10) Matt Mitchell defeated 2) Chad Houchin

3) Dan Barton defeated 6) Steve Scott


4) Keith Schmitt defeated 9) Kittrell Smith

3) Dan Barton defeated 10) Matt Mitchell

Championship Round

4) Keith Schmitt defeated 3) Dan Barton


First Round

1) John Harrington defeated 8) Joel Bailey

4) Cary Califf defeated 5) Chip Ayala

2) Bill West defeated 7) Jordan Roper

6) Mike Miller defeated 3) Richie Whaley


4) Cary Califf defeated 1) John Harrington

6) Mike Miller defeated 2) Bill West

Championship Round

4) Cary Califf defeated 6) Mike Miller


1) Christian Kuhn defeated 2) Mark McGuire