Play "The Gauntlet" to Improve Your Game

“The Gauntlet” is a player-development challenge to improve your short game. The games are for all skill levels, but they are certainly demanding!


PUTTING CHALLENGE at the South End large putting green

The player will start at the corner of the putting green closest to the Golf Shop marked with a red dot. The player will putt to each hole from the red dot and continue until the ball is holed. Once all holes are completed, the player will move to the opposite corner marked with a yellow dot.

SHORT GAME CHALLENGE at the North End large chipping green

There are several ball pyramids around the green. The player will hit from each station to each hole. The goal is to chip/pitch from each of the three stations to each of the four holes. Using the Point Stick, measure how close the ball is to each hole.
(Point system: Holed = 5 pts, 3 feet = 3 pts, 5 feet = 2 pts, 8 feet = 1 pt)


WEDGE CHALLENGE at the North End wedge range

The player will begin with the shortest target to the right and attempt to land the ball in the sand area. If the ball lands outside and bounces in the sand area, it does not count. The player will progress to the farthest flag and then start their way back. The player must hit the farthest target twice. If a player misses the sand area, they must start over. It sounds tough, but you will be surprised how much better your scores will be! This challenge does not keep score, but it is a great way to improve your game.

Thank you for participating in “The Gauntlet.” We hope you continue to utilize this competition as a method to develop your game, as well as compete with other golfers!