Walk-By from the Pro


Today is the day.  Rain is gone temporarily for the day, and the sun is expected to pop out.  Grab your clubs and find the first tee.  I will meet you there.  Sixty-five degrees is not bad for January!

Golf season is just around the corner. The tournament schedules are in the process of completing and should be posted at the first of February.  We are going to bring the Polar Bear Invitational back in February with some twists.  It will be conducted as a Couples’ Member-Guest.  We will post all the details soon.

It's also that time of the year when all the new equipment comes out!  The new Taylor Made and Callaway drivers are making waves.  If you are interested in picking up some much-needed yards, I encourage you to visit with Mr. Scott Felix.  Being fit for the right equipment is crucial.  You wouldn't wear shoes too small, so why would play with clubs that don't fit you?

Next week, I will be attending the PGA Show in Orlando. I use this time to not only plan and purchase merchandise for the upcoming year, but I look for anything that may benefit The Ranch. If you have any ideas before I depart on Monday, let me know!

Keep the birdies rolling,

Matthew Brock, PGA

Head Golf Professional