Walk-By from the Pro


As I get older, I try to learn more from other people’s mistakes.  With that said, maybe you can learn from my mistake.  I’ve never had back trouble, but as I bent over to pick up something the other day, I nearly lost my breath.  Then, there it was!  My back starting hurting.  It had been tight for about a week, and I just ignored it.  This time of year when you are not playing as much, it is imperative that you stretch and loosen up before you practice or play.  The swing puts a ton of torque on your mid-section.  We also have a yoga class every Wednesday and Friday at 9:00 that may just help you hit it farther.

For those ladies that would like to start playing golf, but don’t know how, we can help.  On Thursday, February 16, we have a Ladies “Intro to Golf" Clinic for lady beginners.  We will go over the basics of the golf swing and some common etiquette associated with playing.  The class is from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM.  We have spare clubs if anyone doesn’t have their own set.

The Dylan Cup and the Junior Member-Guest will be played on March 4th and 5th this year.  The Dylan Cup, which is the Junior Club Championship, will be a stroke play event this year.  The Junior Member-Guest will be played at the same time as the Dylan Cup by using the individual scores from the Member-Guest towards the Club Championship.  Players may play in the Dylan Cup only or the Member-Guest only.  Flights will be determined by participation.

As you can see, the season is getting ramped up.  We are starting to have more warm days and Spring is on our heels.  Come out and see us.  Be sure to loosen up first!

Keep the birdies rolling,

Matt Brock, PGA