Junior Golf Camps

Junior Golf Camps in July

We will begin our Junior Golf Camps for the summer in July. The first camp will be from July 13th through July 15th. The second camp will be the following week, July 20th through July 22nd. Each camp will begin at 9 AM and end at 11 AM.

We encourage golfers ages 6-12, including beginners to more experienced players, to participate. We will separate into groups depending on age, skill level and experience.

The clinics will cover a wide variety of instruction ranging from beginning basics to more in-depth analysis of the relationship between the body, the club and the golf ball. We will cover techniques involved in everything from driving to putting. We will also discuss golf course management, attitude, mentality and tournament golf.

The cost is $100 per week/camp. That includes 6 hours of instruction, tee favors and supplies. We will also have demo clubs if a child does not have their own.