Temperature in Nicklaus Room

Update on February 23rd:

  • Trane is able to expedite shipping of a compressor & fan motor. Both will arrive Monday. 
  • We are running draft beer specials on the "Point" patio today. Enjoy a relaxing afternoon and a spectacular view. 

Update on February 22nd:
Similar to 2016, the transition from colder to warmer temperatures has presented an issue in our Nicklaus Room HVAC units. We are working hard to make sure (1) that a desirable temperature is achieved as soon as possible and (2) the problem does not reoccur. In the mean time, we will maximize transparency by providing you updates on the issue. Please check back on this link for more updates in the days ahead. 

Here is some information on the Nicklaus Room cooling situation:

  • We have 2 units (105 & 106) dedicated to the Nicklaus Room which were not functioning properly Monday the 20th
  • Unit 105 was leaking freon and has been repaired as of today (Wednesday the 22nd)
  • Unit 106 has a faulty compressor and fan motor. These parts have been ordered through a specialty provider though we do not have an estimated delivery date yet. 
  • 106 compressor was a problem in 2016 also and we had to replace it. Good news is that it is under warranty. Bad news is it shows our efforts to find the root of the problem were not successful. 
  • We have 3 local specialists involved in the repairs 

Should the Nicklaus Room temperatures continue to be warm, here are some alternate solutions:

  • Low to mid 70's temperatures provide enjoyable outdoor dining options. Please consider the point patio or Great Room patio for your dining needs 
  • The Great Room, Private Dining Room and Great Room bar are open as usual. 
  • We have added fans to circulate a breeze in the Nicklaus Room. 
  • When possible, we will have doors open to provide cooler temps in lieu of the operating 105 and 106 units. 

If you have any questions or comments, please contact me at robertw@springcreekranch.org. Thanks for your understanding. 

Round Analytics Per Year

The following graphs show our total rounds, including outing rounds. Outing rounds include charitable events that are hosted on Mondays during normal closings. We do not include these rounds in our rounds per year as they do not affect normal hours of operation. 

2012 Rounds Played

18,294 Total Rounds

2014 Rounds Played

21,672 Total Rounds

2013 Rounds Played

18,177 Total Rounds

2015 Rounds Played

20,945 Total Rounds

2016 Rounds Played

20,981 total rounds

Contribute to the Holiday Fund!

Dear Spring Creek Ranch Member:

The holiday season has arrived and although it is a busy time of year, it is also a very special time of year with family and friends.  Spring Creek Ranch is providing an opportunity for you to show appreciation for the Spring Creek Ranch staff by contributing to the Annual Holiday Fund.  The response each year, recognizing our dedicated and professional staff provides a nice gift for the employees of the Ranch and their families.  There are many employees working in highly visible areas as well as behind the scenes and all contribute to creating the special environment of Spring Creek Ranch.

The Holiday Fund is a voluntary fund which provides an opportunity to recognize the staff’s loyalty and dedication.  If you would like to contribute to the fund, you may fax the form to Susan Schwartz at 901-853-5672.  You may also notify Susan of your contribution by phone at (901) 853-5648 or you may email her at susans@springcreekranch.org.  Thank you for taking advantage of this opportunity.  On behalf of the employees of Spring Creek Ranch, I wish you a happy, safe and prosperous holiday season.  Thank you for your kindness and past generosity.

Warmest regards,

Robb Meyer

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What is your preferred method of communication from The Ranch?

Spring Creek Ranch wants to know the preferred method of communication you'd like to receive from us. Please take a moment to click the methods you favor the most. You may select more than one option if you'd like. Thank you for your help!

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Thanks to All SCR Seasonal Employees

This is an exciting time of the year to be a golfer. The course is at its finest, our swings are conditioned for optimal play, and the temperatures are becoming more and more bearable.

Unfortunately, this is also the time of year that we lose a lot of our fantastic team members who are returning to school. We'd like to take this moment to thank our amazing summer crew for a job well done! On behalf of the entire team, we wish you the very best as your finish your high school and collegiate careers!

Here is a list of the 26 employees and their respective schools:

  • Hunter Bishop - Belmont University
  • Kaylan Burross - Mississippi College
  • Reed Caudill - Western Kentucky University
  • Luke Corder - Arlington High School
  • John Dunham - University of Tennessee-Chattanooga
  • Steven Genshaw - University of Memphis
  • Fisher Folk - University of Arkansas
  • Alex Green - Briarcrest Christian School
  • Alex Gullet - Mississippi College
  • Cole Kelly - Christian Brothers High School
  • Thomas Martin - University of Tennessee
  • Luke McCormack - Union University
  • Matt McCormack - Union University
  • William Norbert - Christian Brothers High School
  • Cameron Potts - Briarcrest Christian School
  • Micaela Preston - University of Tennessee
  • Ross Redmont - University of Tennessee-Martin
  • Andrew Reese - University of Tennessee-Chattanooga
  • Trevor Rowland - University of Memphis
  • Matt Salva - Eastern Kentucky University
  • Andrew Shorten - University of Tennessee
  • Spencer Smith - University of Memphis
  • Harrell Vaughan - Briarcrest Christian School
  • Matt Walker - University of Memphis
  • Chase Wise - Briarcrest Christian School
  • Donnelly Wolf - Coastal Carolina University

Fitness Room Will Be Unavailable 6/27 through 6/29

The fitness room will be unavailable from Monday, June 27th, through Wednesday, June 29th, while new cardio equipment is moved into the facility. The current equipment will be moved out of the facility on Monday, and new cardio equipment will be installed Tuesday and Wednesday.

One new feature includes wi-fi capabilities within each machine, which allows users to access accounts such as Netflix while performing cardio exercises.

Rounds Played During Winter Months

Rounds played during winter months is an important statistic for our business as it provides us the amount of activity on our course while grass is dormant. These months change from time to time depending on the weather, but for our sample we use the months of December, January, February and March. 

Percentage of Rounds Played by Member Category

The graphs below show a percentage of rounds played by member category. To find these analytics, we narrowed our golfing categories into three major distinctions: Local, Associate (Junior) and National. Using the total rounds played of all categories combined, we compared the rounds played per these 3 categories for our visuals below. We have also added a "percentage of members" graph to better understand the playing habits of the category. 


Percentage of Members

Hover over pies to for data. Data in each category is a percentage.

Percentage of Rounds

Hover over pies to for data. Data in each category is a percentage.



As of May 20th, 2016

Percentage of Members

Hover over pies to for data. Data in each category is a percentage.

Percentage of Rounds

Hover over pies to for data. Data in each category is a percentage.

Need Help with Our App?

If you are unfamiliar or having trouble navigating the new SCR app, stop by Guest Services on Friday, May 13th. Communications Manager Jason Williams will be available to answer any questions and show the benefits of the new App. Some FAQs include how we utilize push notifications, how to check department updates, where to view upcoming events, and how to provide feedback.

"Traditions & Expectations" Available

When you bring a guest or guests to visit The Ranch, grab one of our updated "Traditions & Expectations" packs to familiarize them with SCR. These packs give information regarding attire, pace of play, course conditions, golf carts, our noise policy and our non-tipping policy.

These packs can be found in the Golf Shop, Member Services or at the Front Gate.

Nicklaus Room Air

Currently, our Nicklaus Room is registering temperatures higher than expected. Unfortunately, this area of our HVAC system continues to be an issue, as we have already made two major fixes to the unit this year. Today's temperatures indicate that the source of the problem still hasn't been found. We appreciate your patience as we work to eliminate this problem for good, as quickly as possible.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me personally at (901) 853-5653 or via email at robertw@springcreekranch.org. 


Notification Roll added to the App

We recently added a new button to the home page of the Spring Creek Ranch app. The button says notifications, and will be your home for the important updates that we send out via push notifications. Should you accidentally swipe the push notification from your phone too fast, simply pull up your app and view the time-stamped roll. Push notifications include events such as cart path only, frost delays and closings. 

Our Membership Numbers

For analytical purposes, our membership can be broken down into 4 categories; Over 40 years of age, Under 40 years of age, National and Social (Golf House). Though we do have sub categories, such as Founder, Charter, Convertible, RTO etc, these 4 categories provide the simplest means of analyzing. As such, here are our membership numbers as of March 24th from the last four years. 

Over 40 Years of Age

This chart compares the annual March data and includes all local categories of membership over the age of 40.

Under 40 Years of Age

This chart compares the annual March data and includes all local categories of membership under the age of 40.

National Members

This chart compares the annual March data and includes all local categories of membership residing more than 65 miles away.

Social Membership

This chart compares the annual March data and includes all social members.

Join the Bravo Club

Enjoy free golf carts for a year!

The first 20 members of the Bravo Club this season will receive free carts for a year. How do you become a member of the Bravo Club? Simply refer a friend, family member, colleague, etc. to membership. Contact Greg King at (901) 489-3679 or via email at gregk@springcreekranch.org for more details.

Member Services Update

We're excited to take member services to the next level! There is now an area in the Golf House that will serve as a hub for all of your Spring Creek Ranch needs.


Q: What is the purpose?

A: First and foremost, we want to provide you with a friendly face as soon as you walk in. Additionally, the team member at this station will be able to help you with anything you need to make your Ranch experience better.

Q: What type of services will be offered?

A: From dinner reservations and tournament sign-ups to gate card and feedback requests, our service team member will be able to help you with a wide range of services.

Q: When will there be a team member at the desk?

A: During peak times, you will be greeted by a team member at this station. We will continue to  increase the operation time as the season progresses.

Q: Why is the opening so high?

A: Creating the bar effect is great for several reasons. First, it hides all the computer cords, files and cabinets. Secondly, it bodes well for a face to face conversation. Finally, we anticipate many sign-ups, paper exchanges, etc. with bar height being optimal for the customer.

Q: Who will be working the Member Services station?

A: Our service team will take turns working at the member services area. Most of the time, however, Margaret Hall will be greeting you in this capacity. After all, she is our Chief Smile Officer. We anticipate hiring more team members for this position moving forward.

Build Your Business With Your Club Membership

At Spring Creek Ranch, our mission is to provide the best member experience possible. Whether you want to spend time with the family or enjoy a relaxing nine holes alone, our focus is to provide you an unforgettable, relaxed experience each time you visit. For 2016 and beyond, we aim to extend this vision into a new sector, providing our members the chance to utilize their membership for their business needs. 

Here’s how Spring Creek Ranch can help you focus, improve and even grow your business in 2016. 

  1. Work and Meeting Space- Whether you prefer to work on a patio overlooking the 18th green or a private dining room with a fairway view of #10, we have plenty of space.
    • The Nicklaus Room Patio is a favorite amongst our businessmen and overlooks the 18th green. We recently added electrical sockets and television screens to each of our patio tables, providing premier individual work spaces.
    • The Private Dining Room is our preferred private meeting space and overlooks the 10th fairway. With seating up to 20, it’s very own fireplace and access to the patio, it is a perfect solution for those all-day meetings. 
    • The Ladies Terrace provides an enclosed work space for parties up to 10. It overlooks the 1st tee and 9th green and has easy access to male and female restrooms. 
    • Our Great Room is available for meetings larger than 20
  2. Golf- Hosting clients to a round of golf continues to be a favorite for business use. We also have many members that enjoy using our Golf Academy to entertain clients and/or employees. Let us provide you the ultimate business experience by creating a package of lessons, fittings and practice, followed by a round on our Jack Nicklaus signature course!
  3. Discounts on Merchandise- Many of our business-oriented members utilize our commerce relationships to enhance their client and/or employee needs. From uniforms to holiday gifts, we can help you save time and money using our relationships with Nike, Peter Millar, Southern Tide and more. 
  4. Luncheons- Consider using your monthly Food and Beverage minimum to take your team out for lunch. Or perhaps you’d like to treat a special client to lunch with a view? Whatever your use, luncheons are a great way to get business accomplished, while enjoying your club membership. 
  5. Overnight Stay Capabilities- Need more time at the Ranch? Bring your team, or your clients, and enjoy a combination of golf, dining, practice and more. Wind down in the evening next to an outdoor fireplace at Doc’s Cabin. Rooms are only $125 each and there is plenty of common space for your business needs. 
  6. Social Connectivity- The best way to utilize your membership is free. Network over a round of golf or lunch and maximize your association with some of the most accomplished men and women in Shelby County. 
  7. Invite Your Associates to Membership- One of the most powerful benefits of your membership is the privilege to invite and sponsor a new member to the Ranch Family. Contact Greg King and he will issue your colleagues an invitation with no obligation. 

If you have any questions or would like to discuss possibilities on how you can utilize your membership for business needs, please contact me at robertw@springcreekranch.org.

Wishing you increased revenue and many birdies in 2016!