Temperature in Nicklaus Room

Update on February 23rd:

  • Trane is able to expedite shipping of a compressor & fan motor. Both will arrive Monday. 
  • We are running draft beer specials on the "Point" patio today. Enjoy a relaxing afternoon and a spectacular view. 

Update on February 22nd:
Similar to 2016, the transition from colder to warmer temperatures has presented an issue in our Nicklaus Room HVAC units. We are working hard to make sure (1) that a desirable temperature is achieved as soon as possible and (2) the problem does not reoccur. In the mean time, we will maximize transparency by providing you updates on the issue. Please check back on this link for more updates in the days ahead. 

Here is some information on the Nicklaus Room cooling situation:

  • We have 2 units (105 & 106) dedicated to the Nicklaus Room which were not functioning properly Monday the 20th
  • Unit 105 was leaking freon and has been repaired as of today (Wednesday the 22nd)
  • Unit 106 has a faulty compressor and fan motor. These parts have been ordered through a specialty provider though we do not have an estimated delivery date yet. 
  • 106 compressor was a problem in 2016 also and we had to replace it. Good news is that it is under warranty. Bad news is it shows our efforts to find the root of the problem were not successful. 
  • We have 3 local specialists involved in the repairs 

Should the Nicklaus Room temperatures continue to be warm, here are some alternate solutions:

  • Low to mid 70's temperatures provide enjoyable outdoor dining options. Please consider the point patio or Great Room patio for your dining needs 
  • The Great Room, Private Dining Room and Great Room bar are open as usual. 
  • We have added fans to circulate a breeze in the Nicklaus Room. 
  • When possible, we will have doors open to provide cooler temps in lieu of the operating 105 and 106 units. 

If you have any questions or comments, please contact me at robertw@springcreekranch.org. Thanks for your understanding.