FIXED: Login Delay

We are aware of a delay in the login right now and have passed along to Fore-up. They are working on the issue and will notify us as soon as possible. If you need anything in the mean time, please contact Nick at or (901) 853-5648. More details to come.  

FIXED: Incorrect Invoice Test

We are testing some features to customize the digital invoices sent from our system. While running a test last night, we mistakingly prompted delivery of past invoices to a small group of members. Fore-up was able to help us find the cause and fix the issue. An email has been sent to those that received the invoice incorrectly. 

Server Names Removed From Account History

When we launched Fore-up, server names where appearing on your invoice and account history. We have been able to remove these names from appearing on your billing, making it much easier to view. Thanks for your patience!

Customizable Invoicing

Fore-up has been working with us to create a customizable Invoice solution. Nick is currently testing the system out. Very soon, we hope to present the new invoice opportunities to a group of beta member testers. Some of the invoice changes we are focused on immediately include:

  • More ticket pricing detail
  • Removal of "Service Charge" on each line item
  • Remove past paid invoices, including only past open balances. 

FIXED: Server Names Removed from Billing

When we first launched the new billing, our invoices listed server names on each item. This made the invoice harder to read than it should have been. Today, we are excited to say we have FIXED this issue and you will know longer see server names on invoices. 

Overdue Charges on April Billing?

Does your account show overdue charges on your April account? Don't worry, it's most likely a mistake on our end. Here's what happen. We launched the system on March 6th. Any charges between the first of March and this date are showing as overdue although they are not actually overdue. We have fixed the issue and you shouldn't see it on your bill moving forward. 

What are the Food Minimum Group Numbers?

Food & Beverage Minimums are divided into three groups based on the month where minimums begin. 

  • Food Minimum Group 1's monthly minimum cycles are January - March, April - June, July - September, & October - December. 
  • Food Minimum Group 2's monthly minimum cycles are February - April, May - July, August - October, & November - January. 
  • Food Minimum Group 3's monthly minimum cycles are  March - May, June - August, September - November & December - February. 

Quarterly Minimums are $300 and must be met by the last day in each cycle. If a minimum isn't met, there will be an "Unspent Minimum Charge" on the account balance for the difference of $300 and the amount spent in the cycle.