What are the benefits of Fore-up?

Here are some exciting changes you can look forward to: 

  • SCR App Integration: Fore-up integrates within our SCR app to provide you quick account access with a friendly mobile experience.  

  • Decreased Costs: Fore-up enabled us to decrease our server dependency, redirecting these high costs to what matters the most, the course.  

  • Complete Account Information: You will now have easy access to edit all of your account-specific details including email, address and phone. 

  • Quicker Point of Sale Experience: Technology has greatly improved in the 10+ years we have used our last software. We took advantage by honing in on a speedier point of sale solution, enabling us to decrease processing times for better service.  

  • Credit Card Update: Within your member account, you will now have the ability to securely change your credit card information. There is a 3% charge for purchases made via credit card on your online account. 

  • Profile Pictures: Each member account will have their own profile picture, which you can access and change via your member account. We look forward to using this feature to train and improve our team’s personalized service abilities.  

  • ACH Payment: Once we have your banking account & routing number stored, you can pay through your bank account with a couple of clicks. 

  • Gift Card Link (Coming Early May): We are transferring all guest passes into the Gift Card link on your online account. This will enable you to see how many guest passes you have available at all times. 

  • Food Minimum: Food minimums are now accessible via a link on your online account, which includes your amount remaining, if it's been met, date range and all items charged to the minimum. 

  • Online Tee Times: We are beta testing online tee time capabilities and plan to start a limited release in late May/early June. 

  • More Coming Soon: This year, we will be testing many other features Fore-up has in the pipeline. Stay tuned for more.