Agronomy Weekly (October 12th)

Good afternoon, and welcome to another edition of Agronomy Weekly. 


Rainfall totals for Tuesday morning were 4.5’’.  Bunkers were repaired throughout the afternoon and Wednesday morning.  Carts were off the paths by Wednesday afternoon at 2:30.


Greens' height of cut is currently 0.110’’ and will be raised in increments of 0.005’’ throughout October and early November.  This will ensure a healthier plant and deeper root system throughout the winter months. 

Regular sand topdressing and daily mowing/rolling will help maintain speeds throughout these times of transition.  After Tuesday’s 4.5’’ rainfall, the standard Wednesday topdressing will be postponed until later in the week.

Tees & Fairways

Tees' height of cut will remain 0.425’’ and fairways at 0.500’’.  Growth regulators will continue to be utilized throughout the fall to reduce growth, increase density and promote deeper rooting.  Potassium has been applied to all 43 acres of tees and fairways to increase drought/heat/cold tolerance and reduce disease pressure.

Range Tees

In order to provide optimal teeing space for our members, the South End of the range will be hitting mats only Tuesday through Thursday.  The North End will remain on grass. 


Rough height of cut will remain at 2’’ throughout the rest of the year.  With the cooler nighttime temperatures and reduced growth, all 90 acres will be cut once weekly.  An additional mowing of the immediate rough will be utilized as needed.

Native Areas

Native areas will be cut once more throughout the month of November to help manage the growth of tree saplings and give our fescue an advantage throughout the fall, winter and spring. 

#2 Creek

Dylan’s Creek located on Hole #2 is currently shut down for repairs to the vacuum priming system.  Estimated date for repair is Friday, October 12th.

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