Agronomy Weekly (October 21st)

Good morning, and welcome to another edition of Agronomy Weekly.


Greens' height of cut is currently at 0.130’’ and will continue to be raised in increments of 0.005’’.  Our target height of cut before we reach the first frost is 0.150’’.  Raised mowing heights will increase photosynthesis, root depth and overall plant health to prepare for the upcoming dormant months.

Increased grooming, topdressing and rolling will assist in maintaining green speeds throughout this transition.  We are scheduled to “vent” the greens the week of October 23rd.  This process involves punching holes 0.25’’ in diameter, followed by the greens roller to smooth the surface.  This practice is great for relieving compaction, increasing air flow; it will have no effect on play or green speeds. 

Tees & Fairways

Tees' height of cut is currently 0.425’’ and fairways at 0.500’’.  The South End range tee will remain mats only Tuesday through Thursday, and the North End open Tuesday through Sunday. 

To preserve tee space throughout the cooler weather, par 3 tees will be paired to reduce traffic and divots.  Applications of growth regulator will be reduced throughout the fall until dormancy and resume in the spring once the growing season begins.  Penetrants will be applied throughout the winter as needed to help with firmness and moisture in these areas. 


Rough height of cut will remain at 2’’ throughout the rest of the year.  With the cooler nighttime temperatures, mowing will be reduced to once weekly.  A second mowing will be utilized as needed based on the growing conditions for the Palisades Zoysia. 

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