Agronomy Weekly (Nov. 16)

Good afternoon, and welcome to another edition of Agronomy Weekly.

Frost Delays

With a low of 36 degrees Sunday morning, we are expecting a frost delay.


With this past weekend’s frost, the greens are close to reaching dormancy for the season. Once full dormancy is reached, they will be painted a shade of green which usually last until they break dormancy in the springtime. Along with enhancing the appearance, the darker shade of paint will also increase the turf canopy/soil temperatures on sunny days.

Winter Hole Locations & Tees

Winter hole location guides will be used throughout the upcoming months to prevent an excess of old cups. Three cups will be cut on each green every 2-4 weeks depending on traffic/number of rounds played. Daily rotation between the three cups will help to disperse traffic throughout each green.

Our five sets of tee markers will be paired to create three, helping us conserve teeing ground throughout the dormant months.

Worm Castings

The recent rains have influenced the earthworms to clean out their tunnels, bringing this very fine particle layer of debris to the soils surface in certain areas. Once this material dries out, rotating brushes will be utilized to break up this material so that it can be blown into piles and removed.

#2/#7 Pond

The pond located behind #2 green and right of #7 tees will be drained over the next few weeks to repair a leak in the overflow pipe and make modifications to the creek intake.

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