Weekend Food Specials 🍽

In continuing to bring the very best and unique ingredients to the Ranch, I'm proud to offer these items this weekend:

Hawaiian Ahi Tuna: From the Pacific Ocean to our doors in 24 hours, this tuna has a beautiful, clean flavor and firm texture perfect for traditional and non-traditional sashimi styles.

Golden Tile: One of my favorite fishes to prepare. With a diet almost exclusively of crab and shrimp, this fish has a distinct shellfish taste and sweetness. Coupled with a firm yet flaky texture you have to partake to appreciate.

Organic Milk-Fed Veal Chops: From the same farm that supplies multiple Michelin 3-star restaurants, this extremely tender and flavorful veal is as good as it gets.

Unlike the live Maine lobsters and Florida stone crabs, I will need to place my orders Wednesday for Friday delivery, so I will be bringing in limited quantities. These will be sold via reservations while supplies last. Please reserve your portion of any of these three wonderful ingredients, which will be presented in multiple ways this weekend.

Thank you for your continued support,