Agronomy Weekly (November 30th)

Good afternoon, and welcome to another edition of Agronomy Weekly.

Ball Marks

Please remember to repair ball marks. Un-repaired ball marks that are scalped by the mower will not begin to heal until late next spring.

Frost Delays

Based on the current 10-day forecast, we are expecting frost delays this Friday and Saturday morning. There is a possible chance for another Sunday morning if temperatures continue to decrease.

Winter Hole Locations

Winter hole location guides are being rotated to #4, 5, and 6 this week for the month of December. Cups will be changed on a two-to-four-week basis depending on the number of rounds played and the quality of the cup edges.

This process greatly reduces the number of old cups we will see on each green throughout the dormant months. Old cup lines will generally heal between the months of April and June depending on temperatures and sunlight.

Greens Maintenance Practices

With the greens close to reaching full dormancy for the season, we will be maintaining the same plant material until growth resumes in the spring. Alternating mowing/rolling one to three times weekly will increase consistency and assist in smoothing out foot traffic and ball marks without creating excessive wear to the greens surfaces.

Tees, Fairways, & Rough

Tees and fairways will be cut two to four times each month to ensure a uniform appearance and striping. Wetting agents/penetrants will continue to be sprayed on the wet/problematic areas to increase water movement through the soil. Areas that remain wet will be aerated, top-dressed with a mixture of sand/ceramic, then rolled to make the holes less noticeable.

Pond by #2 Green & #7 Tees

The pond used to supply Dylan’s Creek located on #2 is being drained for repairs to the over flow pipe and creek intake.

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