Agronomy Weekly (November 9th)

Good afternoon, and welcome to another edition of Agronomy Weekly:


With night time temperatures in the low to mid 30s, we are expecting frost delays on Thursday, Friday and Saturday mornings.


Greens' height of cut will remain 0.160’’ throughout the rest of the year. They were “vented” once more this past Monday to help alleviate any compaction and increase air/water flow throughout the soil profile. The “venting” process involves punching solid holes ¼’’ in diameter to a depth of 4’’, followed by rolling to smooth the surface.

With a good chance for frost over the next three days, we are expecting to see the greens lose their color and have a brown/yellow appearance to them. Once fully dormant, greens will be painted to maintain a consistent green appearance throughout the rest of the year.

Hole Locations

Winter hole locations will begin Tuesday, November 14th. This involves having three cups per green, two of which will be covered with a green plug. Cups will be alternated daily, and new holes cut monthly. This process helps to reduce the amount of old cup lines throughout the dormant season.

Tees & Fairways

Tee height of cut will remain 0.425’’ and fairways at 0.500’’ throughout the rest of the year. Tee markers will be paired beginning Tuesday, November 14th to reduce wear and preserve teeing ground throughout the upcoming months. The South End range tee will remain mats only Tuesday through Thursday, and the North End range tee will be open Tuesday through Sunday.

Worm Castings

The recent rainfalls have resulted in excess worm castings throughout the tees, fairways and rough. Once the course begins to dry out, an afternoon mowing followed by a blower should have everything cleaned back up.

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