Agronomy Weekly (May 31st)

Good afternoon, and welcome to another edition of Agronomy Weekly.


The green are continually improving with the warmer temperatures and sunny days. Our weekly sand topdressing was applied this morning followed by the roller.

The height of cut will remain at 0.105" for the next few weeks. Weekly fertility combined with a growth regulator will continue to be applied to assist in color and a denser turf.

Weather permitting, we will test out our vertical mowing eels for our first greens verti-cutting of the year next week.

Tees & Fairways

We are starting to see a response from our fertility applications combined with better growing conditions. Grass is beginning to appear darker and recover much quicker. Seed-head production is close to an end for the season, and we will begin to see a more uniform turf with improved quality of cut.


Rough heights were dropped by 0.5" this week, and we've already seen much improvement over the last few weeks between a combination of drier conditions, fertilizer and warmer weather. This has allowed for optimal growing conditions for our palisades zoysia.

Tree Trimming

Low-hanging and dead tree limbs are being removed throughout the course. A tree climber is hired for most branches 20 feet and higher, and the agronomy team will continue trimming all lower-hanging branches with our pole saw.

No. 6 Lake

The lake on No. 6 is used for irrigation water throughout the entire property. A recharge well located in the woods left of this hole supplies water to keep the lake level optimal and provide adequate water for irrigation.

Some minor algae on No. 6 is being treated, which is rather easy to control. The majority of what we are seeing this year is a grass called "southern naiad grass." Our current management plan is to physically remove as much as possible off the top. The remaining will be pushed into one corner of the lake and treated in those concentrated areas.

Non-toxic colorants will be used to help reduce/prevent further growth by blocking sunlight into the water. Pond fertilization may be used in the future to promote plankton growth, blocking more sunlight into the water and providing a great food source for the fish.

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