Agronomy Weekly (June 28th)

Welcome to another edition of Agronomy Weekly. We're a couple weeks away from aerification, so here are the latest updates and previews from the golf course:


Height of cut will remain at 0.095". Increasing fertility application last week helped the greens recover from the week of The Bull & The Bear 2017. Light weekly fertility will continue, and any weak or stressed areas will be managed independently.

Our weekly sand topdressing was applied this morning followed by the greens roller to work it into the turf canopy. Greens irrigation will continue on an as-needed basis to maintain faster and firmer surfaces, and hand watering will be utilized to manage dry areas.

Tees, Fairways & Rough

While our six-inch sand cap is great for draining water throughout the growing season, it also means areas dry out quicker. In order to maintain drier tournament conditions, we will run minimal irrigation and hand-water extremely dry areas as needed.


No. 18 creek will be turned off for the majority of next week for routine repairs and maintenance.

THURSDAY (6/29) UPDATE: The creeks on No. 2 and 13 have been shut off while undergoing maintenance. They should be fixed and running again in a few days.

No. 6 Lake

The majority of the southern naiad grass has been controlled. We will continue to manage this throughout the year until we see complete eradication.


Greens aerification will take place July 10th and 11th. Quarter-inch plugs will be pulled from the greens. Holes will be filled with sand. The dryject process will follow.

Detailed information can be found in last week's Agronomy Weekly.

Greens maintenance will remain the same until the morning of the 10th. Weather permitting, we plan on a one-week grow-in process, followed by two weeks of lowering heights, topdressing and increasing speeds.

As always, I'm available at if you have any questions or comments. Have a great week!