Agronomy Weekly (June 7th)

Good afternoon, and welcome to another edition of Agronomy Weekly:


Green heights will be lowered from 0.105" down to 0.100" later this week. While the warmer weather is improving conditions, nighttime temperatures are back in the 50s.

Our first vertical mowing of the year was performed this morning and will become a weekly or bi-weekly practice based on conditions. Vertical mowing helps maintain a smooth surface while also reducing thatch and grain.

Tees & Fairways

These areas are showing a great response to the warmer weather and fertility applications. Nighttime temperatures are high enough that we are seeing areas recovering quicker and great color in the leaf tissue.

Height of cut will be lowered over the next week until we see a slightly tighter, more dense turf canopy.


Height of cut was dropped 0.5" for this week and should help with overall appearance and playability.


The course conditions are continuing to improve with the warmer weather. Once the nighttime temperatures increase into the 70s on a consistent basis, we should see great results.


While rainfall is great, too much can push schedules and create conditions not suitable for mowing and maintenance practices. Greens are the only area of the course which have been irrigated this year.


Weak areas will be aerified, and holes will be filled with the bio-char soil amendment discussed last week. Larger areas will be re-sodded once weather permits.

Bunker maintenance will continue on a daily basis to repair liners and ensure proper depths of sand throughout the bunker. Our bunker faces cannot handle heavy rainfall, so this is a constant and frequent process.

No. 6 Lake

An aquatics specialist visited Spring Creek Ranch this week to take a look at the lake on No. 6. He confirmed that the vegetation growth has been controlled, but he was not sure why the plant material is still floating on top and not sinking to the bottom. Our plan is to continue removing the dead plant material until the lake is cleaned and back to its original state.