Agronomy Weekly (July 13th)

Welcome to another edition of Agronomy Weekly. This week, we will discuss the aerification process and planned recovery timelines:


Quarter-inch plugs were removed on Monday and Tuesday. Heavy sand topdressing followed and was worked into the open holes with drag brooms and hover mowers.

Sand and water was injected by a process called Dryject (click here for more on Dryjecting).

Excess sand was allowed to dry and was worked into the turf using brooms and hover mowers. Surfaces were smoothed with a greens roller.

A light vertical mowing was done to smooth the surface and reduce grain. Then a fertility application was used to promote recovery.

The height of cut will be lowered starting the week of July 17th. We should expect to see the greens' height of cut back below 0.100" in early August.

Fairways, Tees & Rough (July 17th and 18th)

Tee and fairway aerification began early this week and will resume on July 17th and 18th. We will be punching holes 0.75" in diameter.

We will be vertical mowing the tees and fairways to reduce thatch and increase drainage (click here to view more on the process).

The rough will be "aerwayed" to increase drainge and air exchange (click here to view more on the aerway process).