Agronomy Weekly (July 26th)

Good afternoon, and welcome to another edition of Agronomy Weekly:

Greens: 15 Days Post-Aerification

Greens height of cut is currently at 0.115’’ and will be lowered to 0.100’’ or less by the weekend.  A higher fertility rate over the past two weeks has assisted in a quick recovery, and growth should begin to slow over the next few days.  

We should see the leaf blades begin to shrink in size as we lower fertility rates and resume bi-weekly growth regulator applications.  Vertical mowing will continue to be utilized as needed to reduce grain and thatch accumulation, and weekly topdressings will continue to take place mid-late week.   

Tees & Fairways: 8 Days Post-Aerification

Slightly higher fertility rates combined with warm weather have made for a quick recovery of the tees and fairways.  While these higher fertility rates increase recovery and health of the grass, we are seeing an excess of growth between mowings.  We should see reduced growth once all of the nitrogen source in the fertilizer is utilized by the plant.  Weather permitting, more frequent mowing should help through this process.   


The rough will continue to be mowed weekly followed by our “Membership Cut” later in the week.  All 90 acres of rough will be cut early in the week followed by another mowing around each fairway later in the week.  One rough mower will be lowered from 2.5’’ to 2’’ for this area directly around each fairway.  This will be a test over the next few weeks to see how our mowers perform at this height and if our pull-behind blowers are able to disperse this amount of debris. 

Spring Creek on No. 18

Spring Creek down No. 18 will be turned off until Friday, July 28th for routine maintenance and cleaning.

Brown Spots

Spring Creek has a 6-inch sand cap throughout all 130 maintained acres.  While this helps with drainage and keeping carts off the path, spots will begin to dry out and turn brown within a few days of no rainfall.  Newer dry spots will appear a purple/blue color, while older dry spots will be a tan/brown.  This is simply the plants defense mechanism to survive through these periods of low soil moistures.   

Course Wetness

With our last rain fall totaling 0.25’’ on July 15th, we have increased nightly irrigation cycles and hand watering throughout the past week to help with post-aerification recovery.  While the holes are not noticeable, they increase air exchange causing the root zone to dry out quickly.   We still believe “Brown is Good” and prefer fast, firm and dry conditions.  Water usage will be reduced after our next rainfall.

Please feel free to contact me at if you have any questions or comments. Thanks!